Thursday, July 17, 2014

Carry the News

Yay for ripped jeans and Converse! This look is so totally me in every aspect. Don't get me wrong, I love a little glam... But being comfy and cute is what I'm all about. 

I've always been a huge fan of Chuck Taylor's a.k.a. Converse. Something about the solid white is so perfect for the summer, especially living in a large city and having to walk A LOT! They're super inexpensive and you can practically purchase them at any shoe store. These, I purchased at Akira just because there is one around the corner from me in Wicker Park. 

I guess we can go from the bottom up! My distressed boyfriend jeans are from Zara, duh! The rip in the knee got a little out of hand after throwing them in the washing machine, but since they're meant to be a little grungy, you can't even tell. I probably wear these jeans like three times a week. Sooooo comfy and super edgy, which I love. 

My clutch is probably my favorite part of this outfit! It was a gift from my friend Mary back home in Michigan. Since I majored in journalism and I love fashion, she got it for me as a graduation present!! A newspaper clutch, how perfect?!? It totally spiced up my entire outfit and on top of that it's a gift from someone I love. Shout out to Mary for being the best gift giver xo

I recently purchased my grey cropped sweater on sale at H&M for a womping TEN DOLLAS!!!! Cute for chilly days in Chi and wearable even in the winter time. Bam! 
On my arm, I'm rockin my rose gold MK watch. Even though his watches are a little overplayed, I still love them and I definitely rock a watch as a signature piece ALL the time. Michael Kors is definitely reasonably priced, which is always a big plus. 

Last but not least are my fav pair of Ray Ban aviators. The mirrored blue just sticks out like a sore thumb and I'm obviously not complaining about that! I wear them all the time, especially because I am sickly obsessed with buying designer shades. 

I love this look. I feel like it truly described the essence of my style, from head to toe! Stay tuned for more looks this week!

P.S. I changed the font up a little! I might be revamping the site soon... Change is good. 

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