Sunday, January 5, 2014

Casual Camo

Army Green Camo Jacket: Forever 21 | White Tank: Zara | Belt: H&M | Rose Gold Mid-Size Watch: Michael Kors | Skull Bracelet: Underground at Complex | Pink and Gold Spike Bracelet: J. Crew

We're all officially snowed in here in Detroit so I thought instead of getting cabin fever, I could update my blog! After getting through three seasons of Entourage and helping clear the snow outside, there was nothing better I could think of doing with my time. 

OK, so everyone knows that camo has been a big hit this past year. Even though my jacket doesn't actually have the camo print, I still would label it as 'army green' therefore having something to do with camo and army-like colors/styles. As much as I sometimes get bored with trends that kind of outdo themselves, I just can't shake my camo blues. That was a joke, because it's green. I know. It was lame :) 

Anyway, I love this jacket that I snagged for super cheap at Forever. As soon as I lose my desire to pick an outfit, I just throw this baby on with a pair of jeans or black leggings and combat boots and I'm ready for a casual day or night out with my friends. 

For some reason, every time I put it on I only wear MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. It's like I'm drawn to it by the lipstick forces of life (another bad joke, but you guys love me). In all honesty, the brightness of the red just looks great with the green hue of the jacket, and anyone who has ever worn Ruby Woo knows it's matte finish could last through an apocaLIPS. Guess I'm just full of overly cheesy jokes today... It could be the lack of human interaction. 

As for jewelry, I tend to keep things simple but I decided to stack a couple cute bracelets with my watch just to add some flavor to my outfit. 

Don't forget, I always include links under my photos to where I got my products or at least where you can find similar ones! I think I'm going to start posting some close-ups of jewelry and shoes or maybe just include more photos. Hey, it's my first time blogging. I'm bound to change it up once I get the hang of this. 

New post coming soon! After this blizzard dies down, I might venture out into the snow for a 'How to stay warm and fashionable simultaneously without freezing your ass off' outfit. Stay tuned y'all!