Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When in Doubt, Wear Red

Red red red red red!!! I can't EVER get enough of it... It's such a perfect pop of color and so very fierce. I love it! 

I just couldn't help but to overload on it for this blog post. First and foremost, that lips bag is probably the best thing I own. I bought it at a nearby Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park for ultra cheap. I saw it in the window and was like, "Uhhhhhhh MINE!" This girl never passes up an opportunity to rock red lips so when I saw it as a clutch, it spoke to me. 

For those of you who are unaware, Buffalo Exchange is a second hand store. There has never been a time when I leave there empty handed. The last time I was there, I snagged a McQueen scarf for sixty bucks! Tags still on it and errrrthaannnggg... Needless to say, I've loved Buffalo Exchange ever since I was a cast member on Real World shopping at the one in New Orleans! 

My super skinny jeans were snagged this past weekend at Zara along with the asymmetrical black blouse I'm wearing. I really love a jean and classic black shirt look. I feel like it can't go wrong and can always be a go-to when in doubt. I loved the lowness of the shirt and I'm pretty sure I have a new obsession with showing a ton of skin up top. I think it might be because my hair is longer so I don't mind having it draped all over me lol! 

Pumps are Christian Louboutin Lady Peeps. I'm selling them because they are forever eating my feet ;( But I had to snag one last photo before I send them off. I'll probably just be cashing them in for a less painful pair to be honest. They were too perfect for this look, I just couldn't resist! 

I know, I should do some more close ups for y'all, I promise in the next look I will. I was just so excited about this outfit that I couldn't wait to post it! Next week I'll be doing a more casual look, can't wait to share!!