Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Look

Motel Debbie Green Sequined Dress: Nastygal

For someone who can act like a bit of a Grinch at times, I definitely take full advantage of the holidays when it comes to having an excuse to get dolled up! Finding the perfect dress can sometimes be a serious and annoying task but as soon as I laid eyes on this green dress, I purchased it.

First, I'm not usually a HUGE fan of sequins and to be honest, something this flashy wouldn't normally even be in my closet. Even as I put it on I was still a little hesitant, running around the house asking everyone if it was a little,"too much." Of course, my mother adored it because she loves taking me to parties and showing me off. I definitely had her running around the house trying to get me to attach an evil eye to my bra so that nobody would jinx me, gotta love her!

In any case, I took a plunge and kept the dress on because usually, when I feel a little uneasy about an outfit, it's a really big hit! And it was! The color was perfect for Christmas and went really well with my signature CHANEL red lip and MAC Auburn lip liner. Surprisingly, the dress was super comfy as well. Usually, when I wear sequins, they end up scratching me all night and I end up wanting to rip off whatever it is that I'm wearing.

It's not shown in the picture, but I paired the dress with my black patent leather Louboutin Lady Peeps. I didn't wear much jewelry because the dress is so flashy and I wanted to keep it from looking tacky and overdone. Needless to say, I wished every day was Christmas so I could rock this look more often. The link to the page where I found the dress is under my picture! Just click on 'Nastygal' and you'll be good to go!

Have a happy and safe New Year everyone! More looks to come so stay tuned!


  1. you look amazing boo!!! so happy you're finally blogging! now hurry up and get over here!!!!

  2. Thanks Iriri!! I love you for being supportive and I can't wait till you're my neighbor ;)